Scientific Certainty

No More 'Reasonable Degree of Scientific Certainty'

Forensic science, already under review and scrutiny from an alphabet-soup of federal agencies, is getting another reining-in from the Department of Justice.

Terms such as “reasonable scientific certainty” can no longer be used, DOJ labs have to post internal validation studies online, and forensic scientists will be expected to uphold a 16-part “Code of Professional Responsibility for the Practice of Forensic Science,” announced Loretta Lynch, the U.S. Attorney General, in a memorandum last week.

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National Commission on Forensic Science Draft Documents

The National Commission on Forensic Science has released another round of draft documents for public comment. Criminal Justice stake holders are encouraged to weigh in on the policies being suggested for implementation in the field. Comments are due by May 15th. Take an active role in shaping the field.!docketDetail;dct=FR+PR+N+O+SR;rpp=10;po=0;D=DOJ-LA-2015-0004